Mahamana Madan Mohan Malaviya

Mahamana Madan Mohan Malaviya

Secretary General’s Report – AGM on 21st Sept. 2014


Welcome to all of you at this AGM on 21st Sept. 2014.


The year passed by with a number of important and unique activities with support, guidance and blessings of our highly respected President Shri Bhism Narain Singh ji.


With the dedicated efforts by our Secretary (Organization), Shri R. N. Verma and many other senior members e.g. Shri Prabhu Narain Srivastava, Shri Hari Shanker Singh and many others, we now have 12 formal branches in different parts of the country, which was 7 at the previous AGM meet on 22nd Sept 2013. We shall continue efforts to increase this to much larger number in the next few years.


Office management and Administration function at the Mahamana Malviya Mission, Central Office is being managed very well by our Secretary (Admn. and Office Mgt.), Ms. Neerja Shukla.


Our Patron Shri P. L. Jaiswalji has been working with full vigour as ever, age is not a barrier to him. Due to his efforts we have been granted two back end projects by Govt. of India. The first of these is up-gradation of Mahamana Malaviya Mission Web Site to cover Pt. Madan Mohan Malaviyaji’s contribution in much larger detailsat the occasion of 150th birth centenary of Pt. Madan Mohan Malaviyaji. The second project is establishment of Malaviya Library at Malaviya Smriti Bhawan. We have been granted Rs. 22 Lacs and Rs. 39 Lacs respectively by the Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India for the two projects. We are very grateful to Govt. of India and Shri Jaiswalji for his efforts.


Web site up-gradation is progressing very well and is at the final stages. Our Secretary (Program) Shri Jai Upal along with his team has been meeting on this project at least twice a week, every week since last April 2014. Similarly Mr. Rajesh Vaish along with his team has been working hard on Library project.


Various other programs have been held during the year. Lecture meetings have been held in association with Delhi branch.


We have great strength of very many other members who are putting in very hard work selflessly, but due to paucity of time it is not possible to mention all the names here. My grateful thanks to all of them.


One unique program was organized in association with, General Secretary, Lucknow branch, Shri Govind Ram Agarwal. 19 children of Lucknow Bal Niketan Kendra, the destitute children adopted by the branch visited Delhi and stayed at Malaviya Smriti Bhawan for three days. During their stay apart from showing them around Delhi, senior members at Delhi about 20 in numbers, met these boys. One of the senior member of the group was deaf and dumb yet he was able to communicate. It was indeed heart touching to hear the story of these children and their background. Delhi General Secretary, Dr. Usha Mathur was so moved that she declared a personal donation of Rs. 50,000/- to Lucknow Bal Niketan Kendra then and there itself. Our thanks to her.


In order to give a boost to Dehradun branch, last meeting of the Central Executive with two day session was held at Dehradun. It was a grand function. We are very thankful to Dehradun General Secretary, Shri Vidhu Gairola and other Dehradun Executive committee members for the excellent arrangements made. At this occasion on the first day in the evening Dehradun branch organized a lecture meeting with our Patron Justice (Retd.) Girdhar Malaviya as chief Guest. Nearly 100 people attended the function. The function was well covered by the Media and published in all the local press.


About 30 members of the Central Executive Committee stayed at Rural Empowerment and Litigation Centre, Dehradun. The stay arrangements were excellent and food and other facilities superb. On the second day CEC meeting was held which was followed by a formal Press Conference with our Patron Shri Girdhar Malaviyaji and other CEC members. The news along with photographs were published in all the local newspapers.


Apart from other matters, one important subject of International BHU alumni meet 2016 to be held at Delhi on the occasion of BHU centenary was discussed. First formal meeting on the subject was held yesterday and the minutes shall be circulated to all the Branches for communication to concerned persons. We would welcome large scale participation in the International BHU alumni meet 2016.


Each branch is going to give its own report including the field projects being undertaken by the branch.


      Last year Central Body gave grant to Lucnknow Bal Niketan Kendra, Obra School and Anpara Bal Niketan Kendra Rs. 70,000/-, Rs. 80,000/- and Rs. 1,20,000/-. The projects partially adopted by Central body of Malaviya Mission at various centres are indicated below:


     1. Bal Niketan Kendra at Lucknow is housing 20 children. All expenses in upbringing, lodging, boarding, education for these children are being met by Lucknow branch.


     2. Bal Niketan Kendra at Anpara Branch.  Anpara has adopted 50 destitute children primarily from Adivasi, Vanvasi families in the nearby area. These children had no way they could be educated in the far and interior areas, their home villages have no facilities for schooling. With great difficulty Anpara Branch is managing expenses.


       3. Obra Branch is running a school for Adivasi/ Vanvasi children of the area. This school was earlier being run by UPSEB, but they abandoned the school leaving the children deprived of education. With meagre resources our Obra branch is now providing education to 150  Adivasi/ Vanvasi children of the areaupto class VIII.


MalaviyaTrust is engaged in managing two field projects at Delhi.


      4. First one is Kasturba Balika Vidylaya sowing school for girls. About 600 girls of poor section of society have been trained by Malaviya Mission in last 20 years.


      5. Second project is for kids of economically poor section  of society at Madanpur  Khadir village near Sarita Vihar, Delhi, a school called Malaviya Guldasta project being run is association with one old lady nearly 80 years Mrs. VimlaKaul. There are nearly 100 children taking advantage of this project, including formal studies for KG and Class I and informal coaching for higher classes. We are planning to fully adopt this school over a period of time.


 The financial report is being separately presented by our Treasurer Shri Hari Shankar Singh.


 Branch reports will be presented by respective General Secretaries of the branches.


I am  very lucky to have constant guidance and support of our President Shri Bhisma Narain Singh ji, our Patrons, Justice Girdhar Malviyaji and Shri P. L. Jaiswalji, our Vice Presidents Dr. D. P. Singh and Shri Prabh Narain Srivastava. I am also thankful to Shri Shankar Tatwadiji for his guidance and support.


I am also very thankful to all Mahamana Malaviya Mission members (All branches) and especially to Central Executive members who have whole heartedly supported me. The Manager and other office staff at Malaviya Smriti Bhawan also deserve appreciation for the hard work that they put in at Malaviya Smriti Bhavan sometimes much beyond working hours.


Thank you all once again.


S. Gairola


Secretary General




Mahamana Madan Mohan Malaviya